Pop-Up Building Milan: A Temporary Architectural Installation Built from Cardboard and Tape

Hidden in the traditional Milanese patio of Marselleria, "Pop-Up Building Milan" is a new ephemeral architecture project by artist Daniel Gonz├ílez inspired by children pop-up books. The artist covered 250 square meters facade of the building with hand cut-out cardboard, tape, zip ties, wood, glues, nylon wires and electric engines creating a massive architectural model gone crazy. Making direct reference to Baroque architecture and the work of Gian Lorenzo Bernini the installation pays heed to some of the city’s best known design icons such as Velasca and Pirelli Towers and le Fabbriche di Lambrate, many surprising cultural references are mixed up in this work as well.

Visit Daniel Gonz├ílez' website for more info.

via [Inhabitat]

Photos by Carola Merello