Artist Creates a Full-Scale Replica of a Lincoln Continental Constructed Entirely Out of Cardboard

For her installation titled "Miles to Empty", on view at Susanne Hilberry Gallery until November 14th, artist Shannon Goff used the simplest material, cardboard, to create a full-scale replica of her grandfather’s 1979 Lincoln Continental. As a native of Detroit, Goff has been witness to the ups and downs of industrial prosperity and the more recent economic free fall of the city. Via the press release, "Dauntingly laborious, challenging in concept and ambitious in scope, this monumental sculpture embodies Goff’s immense energy and her love of making. Goff demonstrates a high level of skill and ingenuity, which used to be present in all manufacturing before the production line eradicated first the hand, then the whole individual. "

Visit Shannon Goff's website for more info.

via [Designboom]

Photos by PD Rearick